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I have lived in Derbyshire for most of my adult life where the stunning views inspire me on a daily basis. Having grown up in the suburbs of Manchester, the Derbyshire Dales will never be taken for granted. Indeed most of my landscapes to date are inspired by locations within ten miles of my home.

Both my birthplace and current home near Wirksworth are areas rich in textile heritage. The proximity of Stoke-upon-Trent, an area shaped by the pottery industry, also seems somehow appropriate to my choice of materials.

Lockdown was a blessing as well as a curse for me artistically. I was lucky enough to begin 2020, (just before Covid hit), with a visit to Florence. My intention was to attempt as much travel in the coming months and years as personal circumstances would allow. Great timing!!! Florence did, however, inspire my first cityscape (pictured) which aims to capture the excitement, romance and pure artistry of the city. I have followed with large images of Rome and Barcelona and intend to travel further afield both artistically and literally as the world opens up again...

Florence Reconstructed(ceramic)


In my former life as a teacher of Art & Design, I used to encourage students to combine techniques and processes in original ways. I apply the same experimental approach to my own work now.

Each new piece takes a minimum of six weeks to produce. It’s a very labour-intensive process, involving three firings. The outcome is quite unique. The small blemishes and imperfections on the final ceramic tiles are due to the handmade quality of the tiles as is any curve or irregularity.

These irregularities add to the quirky nature of my work and render each piece individual whilst allowing me to reproduce new versions of my images, safe in the knowledge that they are never identical.

Harvest Landscape ceramic